What Is An Empath?

What Does An Empath Do?

Hi. This is Tristan with Visions Psychic Hotline coming to you with another frequently asked question here at Visions from our clients and today’s question is, “What is an empath?”

It’s a great question and I’m going to explain it and the way that I experience it. An empath is more or less somebody who is capable of picking up on other people’s feelings and it is really – it’s almost as if you’re feeling exactly what the other person is going through on a core level, what’s going on inside.

So an empath is somebody who can directly pick up on what you’re feeling in any given situation. So a lot of psychics out there, being empathic is one of the tools that they use. I myself, I’m an empath, but I also use different tools with my psychic readings. I use tarot cards and I also receive pictures, words, impressions and all of that combined helps me to be able to give guidance and help people get through their challenging times.

So an empath, somebody who can feel what it is you feel and it’s as simple as that. I know it’s a hard thing to understand, that feeling that somebody must get, especially in difficult situations. As an empath, it has been difficult for me to separate my own feelings of a given situation from those around me and it took a long, long time and I am still learning how to differentiate between myself and others.

So all of these things that psychics do, they take a lot of fine-tuning and years and years of practice in order to be able to differentiate those energies.

So I hope that helps, those of you who are trying to figure out what an empath is. Thank you. Have a great day.

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