Do We Inherit Psychic Ability?

Are Psychic Abilities Inerited?

Video Transcript:

Hi! This is Tristan with Vision Psychic Hotline.

And you probably found this video because you’re searching for an answer that has to do with are our psychic abilities inherited from those above us and our families. And, my answer to this, my own personal opinion about this, is that psychic abilities are really available to anybody that got the will and determination to be able to enhance those natural abilities that we all have.

I happen to come up in a household where my mother was and still is a psychic, and she has been doing that for 45 years. And I know that that is probably one of the most important aspects as to what led me into my life as a psychic. And so, inherited, I don’t know about that. I just kind of feel like it’s something that’s passed down rather than something that’s just in your genes. And other than that, it’s just the personal will and desire to understand the greater part of our self that is connected to all things, which we all are.

I think that for most of us, our psychic abilities are brought to the surface when we are quieting down the outside world and going within. And for me, that has kind of boiled down to an understanding that from within our heart is where our connection with source, God, the universe, God, goddess where it starts where it’s located within us, right within our heart.

And when I am doing psychic work, I try to keep my focus, my awareness right on my heart space. And, what I find with that, is that when that focuses there, it quiets down my mind and it allows me to hear the things that are very quiet. And I believe that God speaks to us in the quiet places when we shut down this outside world and focus on God. So focus on your heart and see what happens.