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I am a Psychic, Psychic Empath, Astrology & Dream Interpreter

I am a Psychic, Psychic Empath, Astrology & Dream Interpreter

I first realized that I was “different” early in my childhood; my “psychic abilities” became more evident to me as I entered my teens. Moving to the Southwestern part of the country, I was fortunate to befriend a neighbor, who was able to provide answers to the many questions concerning these “abilities”.

I am focused on helping people with their problems. These problems in life are often difficult and we find ourselves in need of new & healthier possibilities. I rely on my psychic abilities, and the use of the Tarot, in conjunction with dream interpretation and astrology, to offer guidance. I have relied on these practices and abilities for more than 38 years to help myself and others find more balanced and peaceful lives.

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I am a Psychic, Psychic Empath, Reiki Master & Medium

I am a Psychic Medium & Healer

I am a Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Consultant & Spiritual Healer


I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath, intuitive with the Tarot

Directs you to your “Soul” self