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I am a Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Consultant & Spiritual Healer

I am a Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Consultant & Spiritual Healer

Always moving forward with positive energy, Megan will allow the light of validity to shine on your questions, making it easy for her to see all you wish to know. Choosing her words wisely, she conveys the messages from her spirit guides, as each card of the Tarot deck tells a story of your life, from past to present and far into the future. Her soothing voice compels you to listen and connect in the most profound way, so that you can absorb the information and put it to use immediately. With years of skillful, compassionate, and accurate readings, Megan leaves you with a sense of balance and knowledge that you will carry with you like a book of wisdom. Megan is Clairvoyant, a Medium, Spiritual Consultant and Spiritual Healer. She uses The Tarot, Crystals, and the Pendulum in her readings and loves all questions from Love and Relationships, to Career, and everything else in between!

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I am a Psychic, Psychic Empath, Reiki Master & Medium

I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath; intuitive with the Tarot

I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath, intuitive with the Tarot


Directs you to your “Soul” self

I am a Psychic Medium & Healer