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I am an Empath, Medium, Tarot Reader & I use Astrology & Numerology & Chinese Astrology

Picking up vibrations through “sound, third eye sight and feelings” gives me a full scale picture of the needs of those who I have the pleasure of connecting with. I am an empath, medium, and Tarot reader. I use Astrology, Chinese Astrology, and Numerology to add validity to my readings.

Being a Buddhist since 1972, I have learned and absorbed the essence of karma. This path of spirituality allows me to think outside the box of normal everyday life and allows me to elevate the life conditions of my callers.

“Connecting the Dots” of your life, makes beautiful pictures that show me the way to express the messages from the spiritual sciences…to you!

My readings are delivered in a straightforward manner with a compassionate level of understanding.

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I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath, intuitive with the Tarot