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I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath, intuitive with the Tarot

I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath, intuitive with the Tarot

As an intuitive/psychic and Reiki practitioner in the ancient Usui tradition, I channel healing energy for those in need. I am a second generation reader and have read the Tarot for almost a decade. I use the Tarot to provide accurate, revealing, and extremely detailed information to the questions posed, as part of the Tarot experience. While caring and gentle in nature, readings are straight forward offering empathy and guidance to the questioner.

It is not uncommon for me to receive impressions, visual, and audio messages during readings. My approach is a no-nonsense one with the desire to sincerely help callers attain peace and resolution to their problems.

The journey into You … begins the moment you embrace it with a full and open heart!

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I am a Psychic & Psychic Empath; intuitive with the Tarot


I am a Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Consultant & Spiritual Healer

Directs you to your “Soul” self

I am a Psychic Medium & Healer

I am a Psychic, Psychic Empath, Astrology & Dream Interpreter