About Us

We hold firm to the following principles for all of our psychics:

  1. Visions will secure and maintain quality intuitive Tarot readers, psychics, and mediums who have been tested prior to contact with clients
  2. Excellence in providing our services is guaranteed. Our clients are the primary focal point for Visions and their desire to obtain answers to questions and concerns that may come into their lives. The integrity and honesty of Visions readers will be maintained at all times.
  3. A client reading is a privilege; indeed an invitation often to seek answers for what may be the most personal and delicate matters facing the caller. We are committed to being sensitive and caring in these important areas.
  4. Our readers and psychics offer an empathetic yet professional approach to our clients assuring that each reading is held to the highest degree of confidentiality.
  5. Visions acknowledges there are endless possibilities on both the earth and spiritual planes for us all.
  6. While universal energy and guidance are available to assist us, a reading does not eliminate God given free will. We are all captains of our own ship, but may need some guidance through the fog periodically.
  7. Points of guidance may not always be what one expects; be assured Visions will not indulge our clients with answers they want to hear; rather, answers that come through our psychics skilled reading of the Tarot and universal energy to best help them.
  8. Visions will not discriminate due to gender, national origin, sexual preference, race, creed, color or religion.